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Fashion Packshots
Product Photography
London UK

Some samples to show the range of fashion, clothes & accessories product photography options against a white background in a high quality packshot style.
Styles shown include ghost / invisible mannequin clothing product packshot photography for an effective 3D result & also overhead flat layouts which can be finished with or without shadows for a more neutral result that is also desirable.
Such imagery is indespensible for representing fashion & clothing products in a range of ways including online for ecommerce, look-books, pr & advertising.
It is recommended that clients attend the photoshoot in order to oversee the styling process which helps to keep the process efficient & mostly to ensure that the captured images are as required.

In addition to the photoshoot, there is also a required process of post-production to mainly clean up the background by removing any mannequin elements or props etc that were used plus also some clothes retouch which varies from one product to another depending on the complexity of each item.


CLIENT: Fashion Brands
SHOOT & POST: Varies based on quantities
CREDITS: Kitty Joseph, Weruzo, Baia, Dear Frances, Victor Xenia London, Platform LDN
TAGS: Fashion, Clothes, Clothing, Packshot, Invisible Ghost Mannequin, Product Photography, London UK