Swarovski Atelier - Decorative Designs Creative Shoot by Mark Colliton

A week long shoot to create a range of creative still-life imagery with a clean, minimal & colourful luxurious aesthetic.

The images are intended for a full range of commercial advertising purposes including large scale print.

Styling by Hannah Bort & sets by Cloud & Horse.

Duke + Dexter - Opus 'Bestseller' Collection by Mark Colliton

The concept of this shoot was to create a luxury presentation of D+D’s bestselling styles to date.

The image style was pre-planned and a grayscale effect with dimension & texture was desirable & most of all with a luxury finish to complement these best-selling styles.

The sets & props involved were pre-made and the shoot involved shots for both all of the individual styles as well as groupings based on the styles, some examples of which are shown below.

Watch photography for Vertex watches by Mark Colliton

Some commercial pack-shot and creative product photography samples from a recent shoot with luxury mens watch brand Vertex watches.

The clean pack-shot images are shown with a pure white background and at a range of angles that clearly shows the features of this fine quality timepiece, including its intricate Swiss made movement to the reverse.

The creative images range from a selection of graphic styles through to more textured settings but always with full product focus.

See more at vertex-watches.com

FOOD HAMPERS by Mark Colliton

Some samples of gift food hampers shot for various clients.
Ideally some styling experience is beneficial for these kind of displays & where possible having a professional food stylist will be the best option or alternatively an in-house product merchandiser that the client can provide.

Either way it is important to ensure that proper emphasis is placed upon the main aspects of the product and its contents. 

CLIENTS: Moon Pig click for more info, Wildwood Deli, Tasty Pic

BAIA - Handmade luxury bags by Mark Colliton

Some samples to illustrate the range of product photography for British independent designer BAIA who specialises in designer handmade ladies bags & accessories. Each shoot consists of a photographing the products with a model in a simple and natural lifestyle manner & then the remainder of the shoot is usually followed by photographing the bags at a couple of angles against a white background in a typical but high quality packshot style.

Susy of BAIA attends the shoots which helps everything to run as efficiently as possible & Platform London also attend the lifestyle shoot & provide styling & art direction, all of which combines to form a strong team effort to achieve the imagery required.

The images are then utilised in a range of ways including BAIA’s website, look-books, pr & advertising.

CREDITS: Photography – Mark Colliton, Brand – BAIA, Styling – Susy Brown & Platform London, Models – Nina Ambasna, Scarlet Costello of M+P Models

It has been a real pleasure working with you. Your calm and considered approach makes the whole experience stress free, and I was absolutely certain from the get go that you understood the kind of images I was hoping to achieve.
The results have been above and beyond what I had hoped for – clean and elegant, the images have a wonderful sophisticated feel.
It is also a real bonus to be able to shoot the product and creative shots with one photographer – your attention to detail is second to none.
I wouldn’t work with anyone else! 
— Susy Brown

SANATIO NATURALIS - Fragrances by Mark Colliton

Some samples from the range of packshot & creative product photography achieved for Sanatio Naturalis.

The images below are taken from several separate photoshoots & all serve the purpose of effective advertising & marketing for both social, online & print platforms. 

Creative concepts pre-planned in advance of shoot & styling performed by Sanatio Naturalis rep.