Watch photography for Vertex watches by Mark Colliton

Some commercial pack-shot and creative product photography samples from a recent shoot with luxury mens watch brand Vertex watches.

The clean pack-shot images are shown with a pure white background and at a range of angles that clearly shows the features of this fine quality timepiece, including its intricate Swiss made movement to the reverse.

The creative images range from a selection of graphic styles through to more textured settings but always with full product focus.

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POPS - Premium Ice Popsicles by Mark Colliton

Some sample product photography, below, for POPS.

Photoshoots are ongoing to create imagery for new product releases.  Imagery created serves a complete range of marketing purposes including packshots, website, social media as well as printed materials for events etc.

Styling & creative concepts are pre-planned by the guys at POPS.

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PANNYY - Luxury Leather Bags by Mark Colliton

Some sample imagery, below, taken from a several photoshoots for luxury leather bags & accessories brand,namely Pannyy, more info at
The photoshoots cover packshot product photography showing the products from a range of angles as well as more creative modelled imagery intended for a web, social media & a various advertising.