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Duke + Dexter - Opus 'Bestseller' Collection by Mark Colliton

The concept of this shoot was to create a luxury presentation of D+D’s bestselling styles to date.

The image style was pre-planned and a grayscale effect with dimension & texture was desirable & most of all with a luxury finish to complement these best-selling styles.

The sets & props involved were pre-made and the shoot involved shots for both all of the individual styles as well as groupings based on the styles, some examples of which are shown below.

DUKE + DEXTER - Designer shoes for men by Mark Colliton

Some samples of mens footwear packshot product photography for Duke + Dexter, London UK.

The images below illustrate some of the dispaly options for accurately & favourably representing a footwear collection with a focus on consistency & high quality photography.

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MOLONT - Luxury mens shoes by Mark Colliton

Some sample images below taken from a photoshoot for a new mens luxury footwear brand,namely Molont, more info at
The photoshoot consisted of packshots showing the products from a range of angles, modelled in a stylistic fashion plus also creative still life imagery, all intended for use primarily on the Molont’s website plus social media marketing etc.